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Welcome to Week 65 of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast, another week and even more games. I’m trying to get the show back to normal this week, even starting to plot out my parts of the podcast well before noon on Sunday, I know, shocking. Anyway, we’ve got Derek talking about Too Many Bones and also he starts the Voyages of Marco Polo segment of the Evolving Review. Patrick talks a bit about what he’s been playing, a brief review of Forbidden Island for Android and his first official review of a physical game, or is it analog, anyway, Patrick is going to review Tasty Minstrel Games’ expansion to Flip City, Flip City Reuse. Eric had a rough day at work today and thus we’ll be Eric-less but I think after a good nap and some gaming he’ll be back up and running, he sends his apologies. . And Kerensa and I have quite a bit to go over for our gaming this week as well! PLUS we’ve got a special Geekway announcement for the show this week, we’re going to unveil the Vendor list for the convention that happens in May of every year. Absolutely my favorite convention and this list has me really excited about the support that Geekway is receiving from publishers.

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 4:22

Kerensa and Brandon 6:55

Pandemic Legacy To avoid slight Pandemic Legacy Spoilers skip to 13:50

7 Wonders

Dice Town

The Grizzled

Wyatt Earp




Derek's Evolving Review Week 2 30:03

Voyages of Marco Polo

Too Many Bones

Kickstarter Talk 40:39

Patrick Reviews 42:21


Forbidden Island for Android

Flip City Reuse

2016 Geekway to the West Vendor Announcement! 52:05

Acquisition Corner 1:06:45

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Week 64 and it's Valentine's Day so we're going a bit bare bones, no bumpers, no intros, no bonus Kickstarter or Acquisition corner, just a lot of content. I was promised a play of Pandemic Legacy tonight so I am trying to get this done a bit earlier than normal.

AB's Story Cubes w/ Gabriella 2:30

Kerensa and I 4:47

Wyatt Earp


Eric Reviews 19:38

King's Forge

House of Borgia Preview 27:33

Derek's Evolving Review 35:09


Voyages of Marco Polo

Fog of Love Preview 43:46


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Week 63 is here and we're rolling in February already. We've got a preview of the new Green Couch Game game Wok on Fire which is coming to Kickstarter, we've got Patrick talking about gaming online, Eric discusses the jackassery that is game shaming and Derek wraps up the final week of his Evolving Review of Mage Knight. 

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 2:04

Kerensa and Brandon 7:30

Glen More

Best Treehouse Ever

Fog of Love

Patrick talks online Gaming 30:06

Wok on Fire Preview 36:20

Gabby and Brandon Talk Wok on Fire 41:58

Eric talks Game Shaming 46:11

Kickstarter News 52:19






Derek's Evolving Review for Mage Knight 55:45

Voyages of Marco Polo


Pi Mal Pflaumen


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Welcome to Week 62 of the WDYPTW Podcast Thing and welcome to February and a new beginning. We have joined the Pathological Nerdcasters Network www.pncn.rocks be sure to visit the page and show everyone some love over there! Thank you to Jason Hancock for the invite! Looks like a great group of folks to network with and work with to make each other a bit better every week. 


3:48  Patrick kicks us off this week, thought we'd do something a bit different this week just kind of due to things that happen to us all. So no review this week from Patrick, just a little life talk. Also I do mention Paul Leoncavallo and his current fund raising efforts for Home Away Boston, please check them out here -->https://www.crowdrise.com/homeawayboston2016/fundraiser/paulleoncavallo

5:54 AnnaBeth's Story Cubes

11:12 Teach the Game-Patchwork

16:22 Kerensa and I Talk Games


Survive! Escape from Atlantis

Deck Building The Deck Building Game

Carson City Big Box



33:56 Eric Eats Crow

Fleet Wharfside

38:31 Kickstarter Talk



Thief's Market


42:52 Chris and Joe The Cardboard Architects

Burgle Bros

Imperial Assault

XenoShyft Onslaught

1st and Goal

Marvel Legendary



48:33 Acquisitions


Royal Palace


Xenon Profiteer

Wyatt Earp


Glen More

49:58 2015 Listener/Reader/Friend WDYPTW GotY

51:10 Evolving Review

Wir Sind das Volk

Spell Saga

Mage Knight

1:01:32 Contest Winner Announcement

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Week 61!! This is the last podcast reminder to go and join our Board Game Geek Guild for a chance at the $25 gift certificate to Miniature Market! Also go and vote on the 2015 WDYPTW Game of the Year while you are there. 

Alright, the good stuff!

AB's Story Cubes 2:23

Derek's Evolving Mage Knight review. Plus:

Dungeon Petz

Voyages of Marco Polo

Beasty Bar

Star Trek Frontiers

Brandon Solo:


Kingdom Builder

House of Borgia

Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game

Wok on Fire


Kerensa and I

Fog of Love

Pandemic Legacy

Kickstarter Preview! 40:52


Patrick Reviews Apps 50:38

El Grande

Power Grid


Eric Booth Reviews 58:19


Reminder to other podcasts out there, we do have room for a couple more bumpers if you want to throw them my way. I like adding them to the show and like I said, it gives us a bit of bumper stuff between our segments to make us sound just a little bit professional. Thank you to all of you who have thrown them my way!

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We are expanding the boundaries of the podcast and it keeps getting better I think, but I am a bit biased I must say. 

This week on the show there is a metric ton of content:

WDYPTW Announcements start us off

AB's Story Cubes 3:09

Kerensa and I talk about our week of gaming 6:44

Rolling America



Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Patrick talks about his week of gaming and reviews a new app 23:04

Baseball Highlights 2045 

Oh My Goods!

The Evolving Review of Mage Knight from Derek Davis 31:18

Castles of Burgundy



Mage Knight

My Top 10 of 2015 43:31

Eric Booth Reviews 1:00:00

Glen More

Don't forget to join the guild over on Board Game Geek for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Miniature Market or your local game store of choice!


Have a fantastic week everyone!!!!

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This week we bring you over an hour of gaming goodness! 

We announce a new contest, join our guild on BGG to be entered! 


AB's Story Cubes 3:46

Kerensa and I talk 7:45


Wok on Fire

T.I.M.E Stories The Marcy Case

Patrick Catan 28:42

Chris and Joe from The Cardboard Architects 35:35

Derek's Evolving Mage Knight review 41:51

Tiny Epic Western


Inherit the Earth

Eric reviews Fleet Wharfside 54:00

Sit back and relax, let us start out your Monday on a good note!! We've got a lot of good stuff here.

Reviews! We love them, please if you enjoy the show throw us a review up on iTunes, we'd greatly appreciate it, it allows more folks to see and find the show! 


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Hey we're back, I hope everyone who listened last week enjoyed the show, but we're back to regularly scheduled programming once again. 

AnnaBeth is back with a story

Kerensa and I talk about


Smart Ass



Eric is back with a much more impressive What He Played segment than what we had

Fields of Arle

7 Wonders Duel


Ora et Labora

Champions of Midguard

Warhammer Quest: TACG


Derek continues his evolving review of Mage Knight and talks a bit about his 10x10 thoughts.

And Patrick closes us out with a review of the Kingdom Builder app and some other fun stuff. 

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Hello, and welcome to Week 57 of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing, I’m your host, Brandon. Thank you for listening. The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing is a weekly podcast in which we talk about the games that we have been playing with our family and friends. Sometimes that’s a lot, sometimes not much, but there is always something to talk about. This week on the show we do something a bit different. A couple weeks ago, myself, Kerensa and my Brother in Law Brad and Sister in Law Kate sat down and we played through the first case in T.I.M.E Stories. And while Kerensa and I talked about it a bit back in Week 55 we kept that episode completely spoiler free. Well, not this one, this one is chalk full of spoilers, so I’m going to say that as many times as I possibly can right now, spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler. So, if you don’t want the Asylum Case from T.I.M.E Stories spoiled, don’t listen. While we really don’t get into to many specifics we do hit on some major points in here. I hope that those who listen to the show will enjoy it, I know there are a couple things I need to do next time if I am going to do more remote group recordings and I kind of think I will if I can get folks to actually talk. So hopefully next time I do this, there is a shock mount on the mic and a boom for it so it’s not sitting directly on the table that we are sitting at. But if you want to continue on, by all means enjoy the show, we had some laughs while recording it, we hit on a couple frustrations with our play and we also try to highlight what we really found fun with it. Along with a couple tangents, sorry about the Android bickering for a few seconds. One thing, towards the end I kind of talk about the RPG elements, or rather the lack of. I’ve kind of switched my thoughts on that and I think Space Cowboys kind of did a disservice by even mentioning Role Playing in the rule book. It’s a story telling game, not an RPG. Brad is more right in the podcast than I am, but I’ve come around. Next week, Week 58 we should return to the normal podcast with Eric, Derek, Patrick and whomever else wants to join in the fun.

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Week 55!!! We have a lot in store, so buckle up and enjoy a little over an hour of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing!

Eric Booth reviews Fields of Arle

Derek Davis continues the ongoing Evolving Review of Mage Knight 

Chris and Joe return to the show with guns blazing and apparently Joe wants folks to remember to play ugly games. :)

Patrick Hillier gives us some children's game recommendations and reviews the Android app for Suburbia

In between all of that, AnnaBeth tells us a short story and Kerensa and I talk about:


Survive! Escape From Atlantis

Russian Railroads

Castles of Burgundy

T.I.M.E Stories(spoiler free)

Isle of Skye

The Bloody Inn


7 Wonders Duel

It's packed folks folks and may be one of my favorite episodes to date. 

Remember, if you like what you hear, please review us on iTunes and also send me any feedback about what you'd like to see us work on with the show or just tell me that you enjoy listening! Reach out to Eric, Patrick, Derek, Chris or Joe, you can find all their information on the blog on our Where to Find Us Page, I'll be updating it with Derek's information shortly!


Thank you all for listening! Have a fantastic week!!

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