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Another game day at Missouri River Regional Library meant lots of games played over the weekend. Labor Day BBQ and swimming on Sunday meant the episode was delayed until Monday, but I hope everyone enjoys it just the same. 

We talk Codenames, Castles of Mad King LudwigTokaidoSheriff of NottinghamTargi and World's Fair 1893(be on the lookout for a preview of that one soon). We also give our preview for Green Couch Games' newest offering Avalanche at Yeti Mountain(8:52) and The Eric Booth returns with a review of New York 1901(18:46).

We talk about a few active Kickstarter projects and a few that are on the near horizon that we should all be keeping a lookout for. 

Have a great week everyone!!

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Well Week 40 is upon us and on the Podcast this week we preview the upcoming game from Eduardo Baraf and Pencil First Games, GemPacked Cards, even Kerensa, Gabby and AnnaBeth join me to talk about it, my apologies for AnnaBeth, she apparently woke up as we were starting to record and wanted to be heard. 

Other games talked about are Avalanche at Yeti MountainVilla PalettiThe Magic LabyrinthCacao and Murder of Crows.

Kickstarter talk was all about Tabletopia and Dingo's Dreams.

I also give my four rules to abide by while sharing game time or really any time with me.

Also, if interested in providing a voice for the podcast to talk about whatever you want to talk about that is game related, be sure to let me know at wdyptw@gmail.com

Have a great week everyone!

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It seems it was a two player game kind of week with plays of Twilight StruggleTargi and Akrotiri all played and discussed.

This week we have a special guest review of the now available from Mayday Games game, Viceroy, from Eric Booth at 11:15.


Lots of Kickstarter discussion including current projects, Dingo's Dreams and the Button Shy Wallet Series. Also lots of talk about what's coming in September!! Next week we'll have our preview out for GemPacked Cards and possibly for Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, although the latter may have to wait until the following week.

Have a great week everyone!!!

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Short week of gaming this week, but a long week of gaming work. I've got two interviews for you all in this episode, but first we do talk about some DrachenStarkCastles of Mad King Ludwig and some Star Realms

I even mention a new Kickstarter that launched this week from Red Raven Games, Dingo's Dreams.


But the meat of this week's podcast are two interviews with a couple of really fantastic people, Ken Grazier and Paul Rogan.

We talk to both about their experiences at this year's GenCon. Ken is kind of a regular and this was Paul's first time.

Ken's Interview starts at the 6:18 mark, and you can hear Paul at the 23:36 mark. 

I owe both of these guys a huge thanks and I really do appreciate them taking the time to be interviewed for the show. 

Be sure to check them out online.

Paul can be found at http://gaming-rules.com/

Ken can be found at http://geek-craft.com/wordpress/

I'll have more links for them on the blog.


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Great week of gaming, including plays of GemPacked Cards, a playtest of a new game from Vital Lacerda, Lisboa, JurassAttack!, Five Tribes, Elysium, Ashes Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I had Ray and Bern from my local game group join me on Saturday for a few games. Kickstarter news is all about New Bedford, as that's the only thing tickling my Kickstarter acquisition disorder at the moment, but I'm sure that will change any minute.

Kerensa joins me on this podcast to talk for a few minutes as well. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!


Last week's geeklist: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/194653/what-did-you-play-week-832015

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Week 36 rolls in with a whimper but goes out with a bit of a roar with 2 games played on Sunday to salvage a gameless week. Touch on GemPacked Cards a bit, but look for a preview for it in the next week or two and we also got in a first play of the game Rokoko, which I thought was a fantastic two player game, hopefully Kerensa felt the same and we'll get it back to the table this week. 

Kickstarter talk was all about New Bedford and the lack of Consequential on Kickstarter. 

Last but not least I wrap up talking about why I started doing the podcast and blog. In short, I don't know how to do anything the easy way. 

Have a great week!!!






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Week 35 rolls in with all the vengeance of a summer that feels as if it were scorned or not taken seriously, man it's been hot. 

Not a whole lot of gaming even though we did have a meetup this past week, but we are gearing up for GenCant and I was the guest on the Docking Bay 94 Podcast and had a fantastic time talking with Jason and Jason, along with learning a bit about podcasting. 

GenCant Links!






Also talked a bit about the origin of the podcast, here's the subscription link to the weekly geeklist and thread, please join in the conversation if you want, we'd love to have you join in.


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This week was a fantastic week of gaming, with 11 plays of 7 different games, two of those had been living in the dust for over a year. 

Gabby and AnnaBeth join me for a few to chat about the week as well. 

Kickstarter was pretty slow for me this past week, I backed nothing new and just keep riding the Hocus and JurassAttack! train.

We finish up the podcast with the continuation of our Top 10 games we are looking forward to come GenCon 2015. We won't be there, but that doesn't mean we can't help fuel the hype and get a bit excited ourselves.

Also, don't forget to check out and join in the fun that is #GenCant, find out more information at www.gencant.com.

Have a great week!!

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After some setbacks, I rallied and got a fairly decent podcast out this week I think. Not a lot of games played this week, just a play of Eggs and Empires and then a play of Open Sesame. Acquisitions were in full swing though and the Kickstarter hits just keep coming, although Carson City Big Box is wrapping up soon, so if you are wanting to get in on that, be sure to do so quickly.

One of my friends from our local gaming group wanted to record a bit about a game he had played so I said "Let's do it", so please welcome Ray to the podcast, he's here discussing Eminent Domain: Microcosm. You can find Ray on twitter @instgamereview and he also has a review channel over on Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWiND_d2a4GqIWLpjUKTcCQ/videos give him a watch over there.

We close out the week with some Gen Con talk and my 10-6 list of games that I would rush to buy/demo at Gen Con this year, 5-1 will be here next week!

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Good week of gaming with a lot of online games, played 5 games on Board Game Arena this week. Also got Last Will to the table for the first time and Transylvania: Curses and Traitors. Sunday saw some goofing off with AnnaBeth and Gabby with One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Arboretum, which led to our first "official" review for the podcast. Kerensa also joins me to talk a bit about Arboretum after my review to give a different view of the game.

Kickstarter continues to take a chunk out of my wallet, with The Gallerist, Carson City and now Hocus. Be sure to check those projects out. 

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I was feeling a bit wiped out this evening, so my lovely wife Kerensa offered to step in to do the podcast much to my surprise and I happily obliged. 

Played a bit of Cacao again this week, some Flash Duel, some more One Night Ultimate Werewolf and some Rhino Hero along with swimming, running errands and a day of rained out baseball on Sunday. 

Wombat Rescue is almost out of time, fully funded right now, just working on some stretch goals at the moment, don't miss out on the game unlike any game seen, played or smelt before!!


Also don't forget on the 16th to check out Monster Truck Mayhem on Kickstarter and then on the 18th The Gallerist drops. Get those Kickstarter wallets open and ready to go!!

I hope everyone enjoys the short podcast this week, I'll be back to normal next week I hope.

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Week 28 rolls in with some great gaming! I hosted our local game groups quarterly meetup at our local public library, Missouri River Regional Library. We had 11 folks show up to shirk their Saturday chores and play some games and we got some good ones in. 

Cacao, The Downfall of Pompeii, Dead of Winter, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Cyclades and Arboretum. Then I came home and got to play Carcassonne with Kerensa and Gabby and then Richard Ritterschlag with AnnaBeth and Kerensa. I love it when good gaming happens. 

Kickstarter talk is all about Epic from White Wizard and Wombat Rescue from Eagle Gryphon and Matt Wolfe. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter pages.



Then we talk about some new game announcements, both of the Kickstarter variety and of the Stronghold Games variety!


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Good week of gaming here after Memorial Day, and I'm glad for it as the week after Geekway being barren of games began to worry me a bit. We talk a bit about Machi Koro, Cardline-Globetrotters, Arboretum, Tajemnicze Domostwo and even got a game of Cacao in!

Kickstarter's mentioned were Mottainai and Wombat Rescue.

And we branch out into other random ramblings, hope you enjoy the ramble.

No guests this week, but starting tomorrow I am going to start asking around for the next Meet the Gamer subject and I hope I find someone for next week's podcast, if not, it'll come the week after that. 









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So, as promised last week, this week is the Geekway to the West Wrap up. It's a bit longer than our normal podcast, but I hope that means you all enjoy it just a bit more than normal as well. We have some guests and new friends on the show talking about their experiences at Geekway this year. 

Wrap Up Starts 1:34

Interview with Dave Ferguson of Castle Productions 11:44

Day 2 Starts 24:18

Kerensa's Battling Tops 29:20

Gabby joins Me 35:56

Day 3 Starts 41:01

Brad and Kate talk gaming with an 11 month old at Geekway 44:49

Day 4 56:02

Bill Corey talks Geekway 1:00:43

Some Podcast links:







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Good week of gaming, hopefully leading into an even better week of gaming. We talk a bit of Baseball Highlights 2045, Progress: Evolution of Technology and Seasons.

Also a bit about a Kickstarter ending soon, The Siblings Trouble.

Our second Meet the Gamer Segment is upon us and in the hotseat is Travis Hill from the Low Player Count Podcast.

To round out the show, Gabby, AnnaBeth and I talk a bit about what we're looking forward to at Geekway to the West this week.

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Super short episode this week as it really was a light week of games this week, with only 2 plays of a couple light party games, Ugg-Tect and Ca$h n Gun$. But what we miss out in quantity we make up in fun. 

Talk a bit about a couple Kickstarters, Xenon Profiteer from TC Petty and The Siblings Trouble from Eduardo Baraf gets a bit of an extended look. 

You can find me on Board Game Geek as Vacabck or on Twitter https://twitter.com/VacaBCK

The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Blog can be found at www.wdyptw.wordpress.com

Thanks for listening!!!!

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Light week of gaming but a heavy week of yard work. Although I did get to play the always fantastic Thunder Alley and was introduced to the Sudoku Card Game from Reiner Knizia.

Kickstarter projects Wild Cats and Survive: One Month In.

Also our first interview here on the podcast, with Gamer Patrick Hillier. You can find him on Twitter @phillier937

You can find me on Board Game Geek as Vacabck or on Twitter https://twitter.com/VacaBCK

The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Blog can be found at www.wdyptw.wordpress.com

Thanks for listening!!!!

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This week was all crammed into three days, Friday thru Sunday. We talk about Machi Koro, Progress:Evolution of Technology, Neuroshima Hex and Doodle Quest.

Kickstarter projects discussed include, Best Treehouse Ever, The Siblings Trouble and Surviving:One Month In.

You can find me on Board Game Geek as Vacabck or on Twitter https://twitter.com/VacaBCK

The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Blog can be found at www.wdyptw.wordpress.com

Thanks for listening!!!!

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Good week of gaming this week, we got in quite a few games in, including Doodle Quest, Dungeon Raiders, Volt, Star Realms, Aton and Terra Mystica.

Talk a bit about the Board Game Geek Weight Loss Challenge and my trials and tribulations. You can follow along with it over at the geeklist:


Also talk a bit about a couple new podcasts getting started up.

Low Player Count: http://lowplayercount.com/2015/04/05/episode-1-getting-to-know-you-2/

Cardboard!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cardboard!/id982094665

Also this week we announce our winner of the Sheriff of Nottingham contest and the winning gotcha moment came from a game of Bacchus' Banquet. 


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Alright, slow week of gaming so a quick 19 minute episode this week, but it's got some good things in there I think even if it is shorter.

Only two games got to the table this week, Volt:Robot Battle Arena and The Phantom Society. I give a brief overview of both of these. I talk a bit about Kickstarter, nothing new tempted me, but I did keep following Mistfall and I am enjoying watching Best Treehouse Ever just keep climbing.

I do also mention a new podcast to be watching for from friend, Travis Hill. It's called Low Player Count and it's going to be a podcast all about solo and two player games, can't wait for that one to drop. Keep an eye out for it around Sunday of next week. 

Also mention our Board Game Twitter Fantasy Baseball league which I am so going to win this year, and you'll all get to hear a little about it as the season goes I'm sure, but be sure to mention to Anthony from Cardboard Jungle that his team looks pretty bad this year. 


The Phantom Society-https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/142197/phantom-society

Mistfall Kickstarter-https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nskn-ludibooster/mistfall-legendary-adventures-for-1-4-fearless-her

Best Treehouse Ever Kickstarter-https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2005228768/best-treehouse-ever-by-scott-almes-and-green-couch

Rahdo Runs Through Kickstarter-https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1855928930/rahdo-runs-through-year-four?ref=nav_search

Follow the Board Game Twitter Fantasy Baseball League on Twitter by following the tag #BGTLeague 


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Week 18 starts with a bang, don’t forget the contest!! Enter at wdyptw@gmail.com Played some fantastic new games this week and a fantastic old favorite.

Start with playing some Thunder Alley at the church meetup on Monday night, had a great time with that game. Then on Thursday I helped with a Millenial Program at the public library and taught a game of Black Fleet. Saturday got in a couple plays of Tzaar, fantastic abstract that I lost horribly and a game of Ginkgopolis which is easily Top 3 material for me, if not number 1. Sunday we closed out the weekend with some Flying Monkeys and some Pitchcar with the girls.

Talk a bit about a Weigh Loss Challenge over on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/189001/bgg-weight-loss-challenge

Also touch on some acquisitions and Kickstarter. Picked up a copy of Rokoko and then backed the fantastic Best Treehouse Ever. Also discussed a bit about Mistfall and Wir Sind das Volk.



Pertinent What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing links:

Guild on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/guild/2101

Blog Site: https://wdyptw.wordpress.com/

What Did You Play This Week Subscription Thread on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/456454/what-did-you-play-weekend-wdyptw-subscriptiondiscu/page/1


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wdyptw?ref=hl

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Well, we've made it to week 17! This week was a light week as far as gaming goes, but I did do some work on the blog, getting it up to snuff so to speak and we released our first Kickstarter preview. This one for Best Treehouse Ever from Green Couch Games and Scott Almes, be sure to check out our preview on Board Game Geek and also over on our blog, and if it sounds interesting to you be sure to check the Kickstarter which is launching on March 20th!

My wife and daughters joined me to talk a little bit this week so if the format is a bit wonky, that's because I'm trying to teach myself how to do add in guests that use pre-recorded material, so I apologise if things get repeated a bit as that'll happen when we have 3 different recording sessions. Mostly we talk about Best Treehouse Ever and Downfall of Pompeii. But be sure to listen as AnnaBeth gives her favorite game, it came as a shock to me to say the least. 

Don't forget the contest we are running for a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham, just email me your favorite "gotcha" moment from your gaming life. You can email me an audio file of you telling the story or you can send it in text as well. Send submissions via email to wdyptw@gmail.com 

And now the links!

Blog: https://wdyptw.wordpress.com/

KS Links:

Project Dreamscape: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/undine/project-dreamscape-a-dream-chaining-card-game

Mistfall: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nskn-ludibooster/mistfall-legendary-adventures-for-1-4-fearless-her

Heavy Cardboard Geeklist: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/188562/heavy-cardboard-2015-what-were-looking-forward-che/page/1?

Mike Selinker 100 Games Geeklist: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/188490/100-games-you-absolutely-positively-must-know-how/page/1?


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Game Day @ MRRL!!

Played lots of games this weekend, mostly due to our quarterly game day that we host at the public library in town. Games mentioned and talked about include, King of New York, Coup, Camel Up, Castles of Burgundy, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, X-Com, Medina and Red 7.

Also reveal that we'll be doing a preview podcast next week for Best Treehouse Ever from Scott Almes and Green Couch Games. A little clue, it's a fantastic family card drafting game where you are building a dream treehouse. Look for the podcast preview next week along with a new podcast of course.

Contest Contest Contest!!!!! We announce our Sheriff of Nottingham contest running from now until April 1st, we'll announce winners on the April 6th podcast. All we want you to do is submit to us your favorite "Gotcha" moment you've had in gaming. Submit it via email to us at wdyptw@gmail.com Either as an audio file or as a written story!! This one is going to ship free to CONUS folks, otherwise I'll go ahead and pay the first $15 in shipping should the winner be anywhere else in the world. 

Vault Wars Kickstarter!!!!!!!

What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Guild

What Did You Play This Week Subscription Thread

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Light week of gaming so I try to make up for it by talking a bit later in the podcast about some board game video content creators that I enjoy and follow. 

We did play a few games, Tajemnicze Domostwo aka Mysterium, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Can't Stop. 

Talked a bit about a couple of Kickstarter projects that I am backing, first up the Meeple Syrup Kickstarter and then Between Two Cities from Stonemaier Games. 

Contest coming next week for a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham so get ready for that. And I do mention wanting to plan a sort of virtual Game Day on Board Game Arena sometime around the week of March 23rd possibly.

Meeple Syrup Show Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/673196292/meeple-syrup-show

Between Two Cities Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jameystegmaier/between-two-cities

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There seems to be a blank spot towards the end of the podcast, lasts about 1 minute, not sure what I did or why it happened. I do talk a bit after for another minute or so, my apologies!

A bit of another rambly episdode tonight, but I did try my hand at a little bit of editing. I am going to have to record this a bit earlier in the evening though if I am going to edit the entire show as that eats up almost double the recording time. Another lesson learned!!

Talk a bit about Panamax, Kerensa and I got another match up of that in, we played some Project Dreamscape, the new Kickstarter from Will and Sarah Reed, played some more Cash n Guns and some One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Talk a little about how my digital gaming helped fill some voids this week, and talk a little about a game that frustrates the heck out of me but I keep coming back because I love it even though I am not that good at it. 

BGG talk, convention talk, I ran the gambit here this evening!

Thanks for listening everyone, hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Project Dreamscape Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/undine/project-dreamscape-a-dream-chaining-card-game

I did forget to mention one other Kickstarter that I backed, but we'll hit on that next week so I can do it justice. It's something a bit different for me, but it is board game related so not too far out there.


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This week I talk about a few games that we played, Fidelitas, Myrmes, Deus, Machi Koro(again), Three Little Pigs and Sheriff of Nottingham. 

Also bring up a couple extra items, like how uncomfortable I am with going to new board game groups sometimes, especially when timing seems to be an issue and I can't get a game with new people. 

Mention the possibility of an online board game meetup on BGA and a possible contest among other ramblings. 

I hope this episode was better than last weeks as I still haven't managed to listen to last week's episode, I am fearful of it. :)

Thanks for listening!!!! 

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Going to apologise up front for this one seeming a bit scatter brained, that's kind of how I felt while recording. I didn't have a lot of time this week to put down my thoughts onto paper so I could put them into a more coherent style, but I signed up to do a weekly podcast, so here it is. 

This week the games played are Kakerlaken Poker, Machi Koro, Fidelitas, Sherrif of Nottingham and Cash n Guns 2nd Ed.

Also talk a little about what caught my eye in the geeklist, I promise next week I'll have a more well put together section on the geeklist, as it was I had read everyones list, just hadn't had a lot of time to go over one in general to see if one stood out to talk to, they all had fantastic games in them. 

Mention the Forged in Steel Kickstarter which at the time of recording was $3600 over it's funding goal, hopefully that was due to the listeners here and we were inching closer to the 19,000 stretch goal which is a fantastic looking Steel die. 

Thank you all for listening, in December we had 711 downloads, in January we bumped that up to 1,017!! That's unbelievable to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Forged in Steel Kickstarter ->  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/knightworks/forged-in-steel-a-card-driven-strategy-game-for-2


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What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing

This week was a bit light on gaming, but it seems a bit heavy on rambling, sorry, not sure how I stretched this out to a 28 minute long podcast, but I did. 

This week we'll talk a little bit about Red 7, DC Deck Builder Game, Scoville, Colonial:Europe's Empires Overseas, San Juan and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. 

I discuss my 2015 Vow of Solidarity with fellow BGG'er Steven O'Dhea and a bit about a Kickstarter that I think could use a bit of help.

Along with that, I ramble a bit about an upcoming segment I would like to host on the show and my future desire to have fellow gamers on the show somehow, but first, I have to learn how to pull that off. 

Thank you all for listening once again, it really does mean the world to me. I like to talk, but if you folks aren't listening, who would know, haha. I'll see you all on the Geeklist!!!

Bgg User Oshfarms Blog on BGG-> https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/4071

Forged in Steel Kickstarter ->  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/knightworks/forged-in-steel-a-card-driven-strategy-game-for-2

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Can you believe it's Week 9 and that I've made it this long?!?! I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am, or at least close to as much as I am.

This week I talk about a few games that we've been playing, including Red 7, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Medina(again), Apples to Apples, a PnP Unpub Prototype and Stack Up!

Talk a bit about The Long View Podcast this week, the Punching Cardboard Podcast, Shut Up and Sit Down and the 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast and their announcement of a game that I am really anxious to learn more about, Best Tree House Ever.

I also give my inital review of the Game of 49 a fun lighter weight auction game where you are vying to get 4 in a row.

Don't forget to go vote for the 2014 Picture of the Year on BGG!! https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/185590/item/3677452#item3677452

Thank you all for listening, it means the world to me and I'll see you in the geeklist!

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Just me flying solo tonight to talk about a few games we played on this slow recovery week. Getting caught back up with work and cleaning and planning for my youngest daughter's 5th birthday party kind of put the kibbosh on much gaming. But we did do some, or else I'd be hard pressed to talk about anything. 

Tajemnicze Domostwo/Mysterium, Dead of Winter, Diamonds, Star Realms and Council of Verona.

Podcasts talked about-Heavy Cardboard, The State of Games and Geek All Stars

Joe's Top 10 https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/37594/top-10-games-published-2014

Photographers Geeklist on BGG -> https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/185039/photographers-and-photographs-love-geek

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Happy New Year!!!

Lots of games over the week to talk about and Kerensa even makes the first of what we hope is many appearances. I talk about a couple of Geeklist Challenges on BGG that are going on that I am taking part in and why. 

We talk a bit about the Timeline Series of games, Kakerlaken Poker(still hitting the table), Medina(this time with 2 players), Five Tribes, Mysterium, Black Fleet, Masters Gallery(the Modern Art version), Hanabi and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective(no spoilers). 


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Sub 15 minute episode this week as Kerensa and Gabby were to ill to join in the fun which is what I had planned to fill in some time, so instead you get to hear me talk about the games we played and a bit of what I hope to play in the coming week. 

Talk a bit about Kakerlaken Poker, Medina, Pounce/Jerk, Mysterium and Cards Against Humanity.

Also talk a bit about wanting to review a game in an upcoming episode and I think that game will be Medina, if I can get some more plays under my belt. I was quite taken with this abstract, but I'm not sure Gabby  & Kerensa were sold on it as much as I, but we'll see.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Holiday, if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a fantastic week just as well. And I hope that everyone has a fantastic New Year. 

I'll be back next week!!

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Shorter episode this week, been busy getting ready for Christmas and also with Christmas gatherings. Played some fun games this week including Scotland Yard, The Game of 49, Guillotine, Diamonds and Tajemnicze Domostwo. Nice range of games for us. 

Talk a bit about the 10x10 Challenge and how I feel about it looking back after a year and whether I want to try it again next year. Also going to try to finish the statistics for it in the coming months and also announce the Geek Gold winner of the writing contest for the Challenge.

I tried to get Kerensa to join me tonight but she was too tired, and you'll hear that in this episode. I am hoping at the beginning of the year I'll be confident and knowledgeable enough to actually edit this podcast instead of making it one long random stream of thought, but until then, your stuck with my babbling.

Thank you all for everything, I forgot to mention it at the beginning of the podcast but last week's Anticipated Games cast went beyond my dreams, LibSyn reported 229 downloads of last week's episode. I know that can be a bit skewed, but still it felt fantastic to see that many people listening! So thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas week! Hope we all get to have fun with our families and friends.

I'll be back next week!!

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This week on the podcast we talk about games we've been playing, including: Machi Koro, Bruges, Biblios and The Game of 49. I talk a little bit about some BGG content that I have been following and enjoying and some podcasts and videos that were of interest. Along with that I do my initial Top 10 list, this one is a list of Top Anticipated Games of 2015. 

Thank you all for listening, last week was amazing, I think we were approaching triple digits for downloads and that kind of just boggles my mind. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Once again, if you have any questions, tips or suggestions, feel free to send them my way at wdyptw@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @Vacabck That also happens to be my handle on BGG as well.

Have a great week everyone, now tell me, what have you all been playing?




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Week 3 of the WDYPTW Podcast Thing, Gabby didn't want to join me on audio so I just collected a couple thoughts from her. We talk about Machi Koro, Qwixx, Blueprints, Caverna and Spyrium. Talk a smidge about another podcast out there that has me jonesing for some heavier games, Heavy Cardboard, most recently they have me wanting to try Arkwright. I babble a little bit about the new game KanBan and attempting to learn it. This one clocks in at a bit over 12 minutes, and I used a lower bitrate, let me know if there are any audio issues at the lowered bitrate, I mainly did it after realizing how much room even a 10 minute podcast can take up when you only want to pay for 50 mb of hosting at the moment!

Help me improve, give me feedback!!

Thanks for listening, I can't believe there were 45 downloads for this, you folks rock!

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WDYPTW for the week of 11/24/2014 - 11/30/2014

A light week of gaming for me, but a bonus at the end as Gabby joins me to talk a little bit about Linko!

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