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Week 18 starts with a bang, don’t forget the contest!! Enter at Played some fantastic new games this week and a fantastic old favorite.

Start with playing some Thunder Alley at the church meetup on Monday night, had a great time with that game. Then on Thursday I helped with a Millenial Program at the public library and taught a game of Black Fleet. Saturday got in a couple plays of Tzaar, fantastic abstract that I lost horribly and a game of Ginkgopolis which is easily Top 3 material for me, if not number 1. Sunday we closed out the weekend with some Flying Monkeys and some Pitchcar with the girls.

Talk a bit about a Weigh Loss Challenge over on BGG:

Also touch on some acquisitions and Kickstarter. Picked up a copy of Rokoko and then backed the fantastic Best Treehouse Ever. Also discussed a bit about Mistfall and Wir Sind das Volk.

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Well, we've made it to week 17! This week was a light week as far as gaming goes, but I did do some work on the blog, getting it up to snuff so to speak and we released our first Kickstarter preview. This one for Best Treehouse Ever from Green Couch Games and Scott Almes, be sure to check out our preview on Board Game Geek and also over on our blog, and if it sounds interesting to you be sure to check the Kickstarter which is launching on March 20th!

My wife and daughters joined me to talk a little bit this week so if the format is a bit wonky, that's because I'm trying to teach myself how to do add in guests that use pre-recorded material, so I apologise if things get repeated a bit as that'll happen when we have 3 different recording sessions. Mostly we talk about Best Treehouse Ever and Downfall of Pompeii. But be sure to listen as AnnaBeth gives her favorite game, it came as a shock to me to say the least. 

Don't forget the contest we are running for a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham, just email me your favorite "gotcha" moment from your gaming life. You can email me an audio file of you telling the story or you can send it in text as well. Send submissions via email to 

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Game Day @ MRRL!!

Played lots of games this weekend, mostly due to our quarterly game day that we host at the public library in town. Games mentioned and talked about include, King of New York, Coup, Camel Up, Castles of Burgundy, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, X-Com, Medina and Red 7.

Also reveal that we'll be doing a preview podcast next week for Best Treehouse Ever from Scott Almes and Green Couch Games. A little clue, it's a fantastic family card drafting game where you are building a dream treehouse. Look for the podcast preview next week along with a new podcast of course.

Contest Contest Contest!!!!! We announce our Sheriff of Nottingham contest running from now until April 1st, we'll announce winners on the April 6th podcast. All we want you to do is submit to us your favorite "Gotcha" moment you've had in gaming. Submit it via email to us at Either as an audio file or as a written story!! This one is going to ship free to CONUS folks, otherwise I'll go ahead and pay the first $15 in shipping should the winner be anywhere else in the world. 

Vault Wars Kickstarter!!!!!!!

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Light week of gaming so I try to make up for it by talking a bit later in the podcast about some board game video content creators that I enjoy and follow. 

We did play a few games, Tajemnicze Domostwo aka Mysterium, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Can't Stop. 

Talked a bit about a couple of Kickstarter projects that I am backing, first up the Meeple Syrup Kickstarter and then Between Two Cities from Stonemaier Games. 

Contest coming next week for a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham so get ready for that. And I do mention wanting to plan a sort of virtual Game Day on Board Game Arena sometime around the week of March 23rd possibly.

Meeple Syrup Show Kickstarter Page:

Between Two Cities Kickstarter Page:

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There seems to be a blank spot towards the end of the podcast, lasts about 1 minute, not sure what I did or why it happened. I do talk a bit after for another minute or so, my apologies!

A bit of another rambly episdode tonight, but I did try my hand at a little bit of editing. I am going to have to record this a bit earlier in the evening though if I am going to edit the entire show as that eats up almost double the recording time. Another lesson learned!!

Talk a bit about Panamax, Kerensa and I got another match up of that in, we played some Project Dreamscape, the new Kickstarter from Will and Sarah Reed, played some more Cash n Guns and some One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Talk a little about how my digital gaming helped fill some voids this week, and talk a little about a game that frustrates the heck out of me but I keep coming back because I love it even though I am not that good at it. 

BGG talk, convention talk, I ran the gambit here this evening!

Thanks for listening everyone, hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Project Dreamscape Kickstarter:

I did forget to mention one other Kickstarter that I backed, but we'll hit on that next week so I can do it justice. It's something a bit different for me, but it is board game related so not too far out there.


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This week I hosted a game day at our house, which is a rarity, got a few new to us games played including Hollywood, Baseball Highlights: 2045, Roll for the Galaxy and some old favorites such as 7 Wonders and Cash n Guns. Also got a first play of Scoville in with Kerensa and she and I played our first game of Panamax and I got STOMPED!

Talk about three Kickstarter games going right now, Floating Market, Age of Empires III and Ghostbusters. 

Then the BGG talk of a geeklist that has arisen from the ashes, our WDYPTW Geeklist and Ignacy Trzewiczek's Blog post about shortening podcasts. 

That just about covers it! Thank you all for listening, it really means everything that there is someone out there. Be sure spread the word about the podcast, the more people hear about us, the more fun things we can possibly do in the future. 


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This week I talk about a few games that we played, Fidelitas, Myrmes, Deus, Machi Koro(again), Three Little Pigs and Sheriff of Nottingham. 

Also bring up a couple extra items, like how uncomfortable I am with going to new board game groups sometimes, especially when timing seems to be an issue and I can't get a game with new people. 

Mention the possibility of an online board game meetup on BGA and a possible contest among other ramblings. 

I hope this episode was better than last weeks as I still haven't managed to listen to last week's episode, I am fearful of it. :)

Thanks for listening!!!! 

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Going to apologise up front for this one seeming a bit scatter brained, that's kind of how I felt while recording. I didn't have a lot of time this week to put down my thoughts onto paper so I could put them into a more coherent style, but I signed up to do a weekly podcast, so here it is. 

This week the games played are Kakerlaken Poker, Machi Koro, Fidelitas, Sherrif of Nottingham and Cash n Guns 2nd Ed.

Also talk a little about what caught my eye in the geeklist, I promise next week I'll have a more well put together section on the geeklist, as it was I had read everyones list, just hadn't had a lot of time to go over one in general to see if one stood out to talk to, they all had fantastic games in them. 

Mention the Forged in Steel Kickstarter which at the time of recording was $3600 over it's funding goal, hopefully that was due to the listeners here and we were inching closer to the 19,000 stretch goal which is a fantastic looking Steel die. 

Thank you all for listening, in December we had 711 downloads, in January we bumped that up to 1,017!! That's unbelievable to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing

This week was a bit light on gaming, but it seems a bit heavy on rambling, sorry, not sure how I stretched this out to a 28 minute long podcast, but I did. 

This week we'll talk a little bit about Red 7, DC Deck Builder Game, Scoville, Colonial:Europe's Empires Overseas, San Juan and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. 

I discuss my 2015 Vow of Solidarity with fellow BGG'er Steven O'Dhea and a bit about a Kickstarter that I think could use a bit of help.

Along with that, I ramble a bit about an upcoming segment I would like to host on the show and my future desire to have fellow gamers on the show somehow, but first, I have to learn how to pull that off. 

Thank you all for listening once again, it really does mean the world to me. I like to talk, but if you folks aren't listening, who would know, haha. I'll see you all on the Geeklist!!!

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Can you believe it's Week 9 and that I've made it this long?!?! I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am, or at least close to as much as I am.

This week I talk about a few games that we've been playing, including Red 7, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Medina(again), Apples to Apples, a PnP Unpub Prototype and Stack Up!

Talk a bit about The Long View Podcast this week, the Punching Cardboard Podcast, Shut Up and Sit Down and the 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast and their announcement of a game that I am really anxious to learn more about, Best Tree House Ever.

I also give my inital review of the Game of 49 a fun lighter weight auction game where you are vying to get 4 in a row.

Don't forget to go vote for the 2014 Picture of the Year on BGG!!

Thank you all for listening, it means the world to me and I'll see you in the geeklist!

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