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Week 18 starts with a bang, don’t forget the contest!! Enter at wdyptw@gmail.com Played some fantastic new games this week and a fantastic old favorite.

Start with playing some Thunder Alley at the church meetup on Monday night, had a great time with that game. Then on Thursday I helped with a Millenial Program at the public library and taught a game of Black Fleet. Saturday got in a couple plays of Tzaar, fantastic abstract that I lost horribly and a game of Ginkgopolis which is easily Top 3 material for me, if not number 1. Sunday we closed out the weekend with some Flying Monkeys and some Pitchcar with the girls.

Talk a bit about a Weigh Loss Challenge over on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/189001/bgg-weight-loss-challenge

Also touch on some acquisitions and Kickstarter. Picked up a copy of Rokoko and then backed the fantastic Best Treehouse Ever. Also discussed a bit about Mistfall and Wir Sind das Volk.



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