Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Episode 21 - Patrick and Eric discuss their favorite games beyond 500 in the BGG rankings.


Christmas Gifts


Parks / Trekking the National Parks


Patrick and Eric Hidden gems over 500 on the BGG listing


Game Rank

Get Bit! 2159

Crystal Clans 2210

Pastiche 1364

Longhorn 2077

La Boca 1200

Custom Heroes 1681

The Great Heartland Hauling Co. 1170

Artifacts Inc. 1135

Arctic Scavengers 1127

Odin’s Ravens (2nd ed) 1076

The Golden Ages 849

Ulm   929

Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn 670 2017

Dice Town 796

Honshu 792

The Pursuit of Happiness 646

Hawaii 630

Adrenaline 617

Ex Libris 613


Scott Nicolson Pillars of the Earth bit


Granite Game Summit




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