Patrick and Eric in the Morning

The next episode of Patrick & Eric in the Morning has them discussing their favorite designer. Turns out it's the same person! Listen to find out who it is over your morning bowl of cereal. 

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The Shuffle

Issue No.1

The Introduction by Brandon Kempf :20

Tabletop, The Industry by Cassie Elle 2:08

  • Development

Spice it Up by BJ Rozas 17:44

Learning From and Through Board Games by Jamie Maltman 21:26

Segment to be Named Later by Glenn Flaherty 28:23

Gaming With and Around Tiny Humans by Cassadi Thomas 33:28

Board Gaming Ramblings by Johannes Lindrupsen 38:07

The State of the Legacy Game in 2018 by Brandon Kempf & Chris Wray 45:26

Back To His App Roots by Patrick Hillier 58:28

Storytime With Netters by Annette Villa 1:04:14

The News by Eric Buscemi 1:10:04

Heavy Hitters by Joshua Acosta 1:15:36

The Thing with That Is by Chad McCallum 1:24:43

Undertow by Denman Scofield 1:33:05

Eric Booth Reviews by Eric Booth 1:43:56

End 1:48:10

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