Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Want to know more about Essen Spiel 2018? Well our Chris Wray is over in Germany and he's finding out about all the new hotness in board gaming that we'll be searching out. Join him for a run down of what he's seen this year at Essen so far. 

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Join Patrick and Eric as they discuss secret agents and casual games. 

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The Shuffle

Issue no.2

Intro and Thoughts from the Editor

The Board Game News with Eric Buscemi 3:16

Gaming Near and Around Small Children with Cassadi Thomas 6:41



Chris and Brandon 12:00

  • Top 5 Gateway Games of the last 5 years

Eric Booth’s Rants & Reviews 25:10



The Dreaded Seven with Glenn Flaherty 30:32



Story Time with Netters by Annette Villa 34:03



The Thing With That Is with Chad McCallum 41:50



Learning From and Through Board Games with Jamie Maltman 47:30

  • Legacy & Campaign Games with the family

Old Game APPreciation with Patrick Hillier 56:50



Spice It Up with BJ Rozas 1:02:48

  • Sandbox Games



Tabletop The Industry with Cassie Elle 1:09:38

  • Designing

Science Featurette with Joshua Acosta 1:18:00



End 1:26:14

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