Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Join Patrick and Eric as they discuss Online Gaming! The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Intro :18


Spice it Up with BJ Rozas 1:12

  • Jason Dinger
  • Captains of the Gulf


Patrick Hillier 11:16

  • KitschCon


Jamie Maltman 21:46

  • Great Western Trail: Rails to the North


The Sweet Spot with Glenn Flaherty 29:40

  • Asynchronous Games


Notes from the Editor, Brandon Kempf 33:10

  • Essen Spiel
  • Board Game Glut


Eric Booth’s Rants and Reviews 36:44


The News with Eric Buscemi 42:05

  • Matt Riddle


The Thing With That Is with Chad McCallum 50:57

  • Deduction Games
  • Detective A Modern Crime Board Games


Heavy Hitters with Joshua Acosta 57:54

  • Tramways Engineer’s Workbook


End 1:07:05

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