Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Patrick and Eric discuss trips to Florida and IP (intellectual properties) used in board games.

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Issue no.4

The Sweet Spot with Glenn Flaherty :20

  • Glob Lobbers
  • Steve Jackson Games

The Eric Booth Rants and Reviews 3:18

  • Sprawlopolis

The App Segment with Patrick Hillier 7:21

  • Old Gamer Talk
  • Talisman

The News Segement with Eric Buscemi 19:50

  • Game Announcements
  • Eurazo Sale
  • NSKN & Boards & Dice Merger
  • CMON Financial News
  • Digital Board Game Announcements
  • FFG Keyforge Recalls

Table Top, The Industry with Cassie Elle 24:12

  • The Publisher

The Thing with That Is with Chad McCallum 33:06

  • Discover: Lands Unknown

Heavy Hitters with Joshua Acosta 42:13

  • Tales of the Northlands: The Sagas of Noggin the Nog

Spice It Up with BJ Rozas 52:02

  • Top 6 Games - The Envie List

Fin 1:00:59

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