Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Week 3 of the WDYPTW Podcast Thing, Gabby didn't want to join me on audio so I just collected a couple thoughts from her. We talk about Machi Koro, Qwixx, Blueprints, Caverna and Spyrium. Talk a smidge about another podcast out there that has me jonesing for some heavier games, Heavy Cardboard, most recently they have me wanting to try Arkwright. I babble a little bit about the new game KanBan and attempting to learn it. This one clocks in at a bit over 12 minutes, and I used a lower bitrate, let me know if there are any audio issues at the lowered bitrate, I mainly did it after realizing how much room even a 10 minute podcast can take up when you only want to pay for 50 mb of hosting at the moment!

Help me improve, give me feedback!!

Thanks for listening, I can't believe there were 45 downloads for this, you folks rock!

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