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This week was a bit light on gaming, but it seems a bit heavy on rambling, sorry, not sure how I stretched this out to a 28 minute long podcast, but I did. 

This week we'll talk a little bit about Red 7, DC Deck Builder Game, Scoville, Colonial:Europe's Empires Overseas, San Juan and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. 

I discuss my 2015 Vow of Solidarity with fellow BGG'er Steven O'Dhea and a bit about a Kickstarter that I think could use a bit of help.

Along with that, I ramble a bit about an upcoming segment I would like to host on the show and my future desire to have fellow gamers on the show somehow, but first, I have to learn how to pull that off. 

Thank you all for listening once again, it really does mean the world to me. I like to talk, but if you folks aren't listening, who would know, haha. I'll see you all on the Geeklist!!!

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