Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Week 63 is here and we're rolling in February already. We've got a preview of the new Green Couch Game game Wok on Fire which is coming to Kickstarter, we've got Patrick talking about gaming online, Eric discusses the jackassery that is game shaming and Derek wraps up the final week of his Evolving Review of Mage Knight. 

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 2:04

Kerensa and Brandon 7:30

Glen More

Best Treehouse Ever

Fog of Love

Patrick talks online Gaming 30:06

Wok on Fire Preview 36:20

Gabby and Brandon Talk Wok on Fire 41:58

Eric talks Game Shaming 46:11

Kickstarter News 52:19






Derek's Evolving Review for Mage Knight 55:45

Voyages of Marco Polo


Pi Mal Pflaumen


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