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Welcome to Week 65 of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast, another week and even more games. I’m trying to get the show back to normal this week, even starting to plot out my parts of the podcast well before noon on Sunday, I know, shocking. Anyway, we’ve got Derek talking about Too Many Bones and also he starts the Voyages of Marco Polo segment of the Evolving Review. Patrick talks a bit about what he’s been playing, a brief review of Forbidden Island for Android and his first official review of a physical game, or is it analog, anyway, Patrick is going to review Tasty Minstrel Games’ expansion to Flip City, Flip City Reuse. Eric had a rough day at work today and thus we’ll be Eric-less but I think after a good nap and some gaming he’ll be back up and running, he sends his apologies. . And Kerensa and I have quite a bit to go over for our gaming this week as well! PLUS we’ve got a special Geekway announcement for the show this week, we’re going to unveil the Vendor list for the convention that happens in May of every year. Absolutely my favorite convention and this list has me really excited about the support that Geekway is receiving from publishers.

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 4:22

Kerensa and Brandon 6:55

Pandemic Legacy To avoid slight Pandemic Legacy Spoilers skip to 13:50

7 Wonders

Dice Town

The Grizzled

Wyatt Earp




Derek's Evolving Review Week 2 30:03

Voyages of Marco Polo

Too Many Bones

Kickstarter Talk 40:39

Patrick Reviews 42:21


Forbidden Island for Android

Flip City Reuse

2016 Geekway to the West Vendor Announcement! 52:05

Acquisition Corner 1:06:45

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Thank you all for listening, have a fantastic week!!

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