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Hello and welcome to Week 67 of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing, we’ve got an overfilled episode of Board Gaming fun in store for you so I hope you packed your comfortable headphones as the episode was already approaching an hour and a half before we even recorded my family’s portion of the show so I expect that when this is done we’ll be close to the 2 hour mark, I hope everyone is okay with that. We won’t make it an every week thing, but I think you’ll like this one. So, why is this episode so over extended, well first up, we have all of our normal segments, Eric is going to review Entropy and Derek is back with the Voyages of Marco Polo and the small expansion, plus Patrick went out and landed us an interview with the wonderfully affable Stephen Buonocore which easily could have gone over 2 hours, we had so many things to ask that we left out so I hope that he means it when he says that he’d be happy to come back any time, plus we bring back the Meet the Gamer segment with another fantastic guy, Bill Corey Jr. Whew, I’m out of breath just talking about what we’ve got coming! Along with all that, I hosted a game day at our local library on Saturday so I’ve got a handful of games to jabber about and Kerensa and I will sit down and talk a bit about Letters from Whitechapel which I was inspired to dust off and play thanks to The Tattered Board Podcast. Look for a blog post about that coming in the next week as well as I think it may be a review from us or just a big overview. It’s been nearly 11 days since I have posted something to the blog, something that I need to do more regularly so I apologize to any of you that look forward to reading as well as listening.  

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 2:42

Brandon's GameDay 4:08

The Grizzled

La Boca

El Grande

Eminent Domain


Kerensa and Brandon 12:25

Patchwork App

Letters From Whitechapel

Derek's Evolving Review 32:58

Oh My Goods

Heavy Cardboard

Voyages of Marco Polo w/Expansion

Meet the Gamer 45:40

Bill Corey Jr

Eric Reviews 1:07:38


Interview with Stephen Buonocore 1:16:14

Animals on Board

Bear Valley

Great Western Trail

I warned you all it was full!!

Thanks for listening.


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