Patrick and Eric in the Morning

Welcome to Week 73, we're back below 2 hours for this week, we can't make any promises about next week as I know we have another Meet the Gamer Segment with Jessica Wade on that one and possibly another interview as well if everything goes well, fingers crossed, but that's next week, we're here to find out about this week, here we go!

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 1:41

Brandon & Kerensa 6:28

  • Spookies
  • Pi Mal Pflaumen
  • Blood Rage

Derek's Evolving Review 29:19

  • Red 7
  • Celestia
  • Voyages of Marco Polo

The Eric Booth Reviews 42:02

  • The Castles of Burgundy

What's Patrick Been Playing and With Whom? 53:03

  • En Garde
  • Mottainai
  • Akrotiri
  • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
  • Back to the Future
  • Colt Expres

Chris Kirkman of Dice Hate Me Games 1:00:21

  • Bottom of the 9th: The Clubhouse Expansion
  • Bottom of the 9th
  • Vinyl
  • Fate of the Elder Gods
  • Yspahan
  • Viva Java
  • Hero Quest
  • Sammy the School House Mouse

End 1:43:35

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